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Roadmap automatically breaks down your projects and schedules the tasks directly onto your calendar, simplifying your workflow.


Features 01
Plan Less, Achieve More.

Automatically Breaks Down Projects into Smaller Steps

Transform your ambitions into achievable milestones. No more guesswork—just a clear, step-by-step roadmap.

  • "I want to publish a research article"
  • "I want to create a game in Unity"
  • "I want to learn Guitar"
Features 02
Your Goals, Your Way.

Tailored To The User's Preferences

Your preferences shape your roadmap, offering a tailored experience just for you directly onto your calendar.

  • "I prefer not to wake up before 8am"
  • "I enjoy studying before hitting the gym"
  • "I work best in 3-hour blocks"
Features 03
Just Natural Language.

Conversational Interface

Chat your way to efficiency—no more clutter, just a straightforward conversational interface.

  • "I need to organize a fundraising event. Can you create a roadmap?"
  • "Help me break down this classwork assignment I have to present"
  • "I've been trying to plan a home renovation"