Struggling to start
boring or complicated tasks?

Our AI coach is designed to help you
start the tasks you don't want to do.

Roadmap can help you...

Feel motivated to start your tasks

We simplify your tasks by breaking them down into the smallest steps, making it incredibly easy to start.

No more paralysis or procrastination—just the satisfaction of getting things done.

Simplify your decision-making

Navigating the endless micro-decisions of each task can be exhausting. Should you start here or there?

We cut through that fatigue by offering tailored suggestions that fit your unique situation, reducing the mental burden so you can focus more on accomplishing the task itself.

Stay focused with integrated tools

Remove all the extra steps for the tools you need to get started. Whether it’s setting a timer or playing some motivating tunes on Spotify, our coach integrates these tools directly into your workflow.

No need to switch apps or disrupt your focus—everything you need is conveniently in one place, delivered by our chat right when you need them.

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