Tailored Tasklists through Interactive AI


Features 01
Chat, Plan, and Execute.

Conversational Interface

Navigate your planning effortlessly with our natural language interface. Just chat about your project or study goals, and watch as our AI transforms your conversation into a structured roadmap.

  • "I need to write a research paper on history"
  • "I have a math exam in two days"
  • "I've been trying to plan a home renovation"
Features 02
Simplify, Organize, and Overcome.

Navigate Through Task Paralysis

Our AI simplifies overwhelming tasks into clear, actionable items, helping you navigate through project complexities with ease and clarity.

  • "I'm overwhelmed, how do I start?"
  • "I don't know how much time it will take!"
  • "I feel lots of stress with this task, can you help me?"
Features 03
Engage, Respond, and Personalize.

Personalized Tasklist Creation

Interact with our AI in a simple Q&A format. Your answers guide our system to create a tasklist that's uniquely tailored to your preferences and challenges.

  • "What is your largest barrier to completing this task?"
  • "What are your preferred working hours?"
  • "What has been helpful for you in the past?"